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and if you should fall, remember you almost had it all...

The one and only Cielness!
17 February
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Hi there! Most people know me as Sky (or some variant thereof); last year I was a foreign exchange student in India... now I'm a college student at the University of Missoula, with a major in acting. I'm female; I'm a NeoPagan eclectic, most notably Discordian - hail Eris! I live in a little Greek house with my brother and three fun housemates; I have a wonderful girlfriend and a circle of fabulous friends both near and far, not to mention a fun family. I enjoy discussions about Life, the Universe, and Everything; I make wire jewellery and sew fun costumes and write stories and draw the characters. I believe in having fun without forgettinq how to be serious when the situation calls for it; I believe in loyalty and chivalry and changing the world by living truly; I believe in gentle mockery as one of the best ways to keep from taking myself too seriously. And I love having new friends, so comment to be added to my flist if you're interested!