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[icon] and if you should fall, remember you almost had it all...
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Time:09:01 am
Just so that everyone knows, I've switched to a new journal. This one is old, disjointed... I don't know. It's not working for me anymore. So I've made a new one and started from scratch: onegoldenapple. So friend me, please; I've already switched over the friends I could think of off the top of my head - at least the ones who seem to still be current. And read on!
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Time:01:48 pm
All right, people - I want prompts. For artworkness. Because I'm a dork, that way, and because it's fun. So, like... the one I did recently, for Elske, with the Zelda Fitzgerald quote: "...so I moved into his waiting arms without any introduction, a tender, inevitable gravity taking me and enfolding me there." That's a good sort. And I don't promise to use them all - but it's more fun, sometimes, to get prompts from other people than from oneself. So. Prompts, anyone? Please? *puppy eyes* Feel free to give more than one, at that.
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Current Music:Inkubus Sukkubus (quelle surprise, eh?)
Time:09:21 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
[info]malicious lesbians are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

...okay. So I tweaked it, just a bit. But it wasn't working right, and I wanted one!! :-P Rawr.
I'm home, incidentally. In Missoula again, that is. Huzzah for being a college student, and for pumpkin pie blizzards at Dairy Queen, and for Thanksgiving, and family, and the property, and card games, and friends, and so on. Woot. And now I shall go make soup (yay warmth; I'm frozen) and listen to music and read my book and generally enjoy a low-key evening alone.

What a novelty.
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Time:10:18 pm
LJ-spam. Huzzah.

You scored as Pride.
















Seven deadly sins
created with QuizFarm.com
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Current Music:Leaping Fallacy
Time:09:06 am
Current Mood:busybusy
I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, just in case anyone wondered.
I have not managed to fix my computer yet and make it cooperate with LJ and let me LOG IN! yet, either, though. Bah!

So. Quick list, to update everyone. :~)

1. We have a cabin! It's green outside and purple inside. I built kitchen cabinets and shelves and loft-shelves and things (all by myself, whoot whoot!).

2. I did not get to go to SCA-thing because (a) dates conflicted for the real one, which apparently was hot and dusty and icky anyway, and (b) they changed their minds about sending me to the pseudo-almost-SCA-thing because there were going to be lots of drunken maletypes and not so much medieval goodness. Le sigh. This means I shall have to find a *different* time to visit my aunt etc., because they are the epitome of coolness and I miss them, dammit!

3. Speaking of visits, my brother is kidnapping me for a week. (I didn't even get to be home for 24 hours...!) We're going to some concert of someone he likes tonight, and then... I'll get to college-visit and other such goodness, and come home in a week.

4. I am tired.

5. I miss all my LJ flist people! *Poutsulk*

6. I have been - in my "free time" lately - doing a Xena-marathon which involves rewatching all the old episodes I have on tape from years ago... I have decided, incidentally, that I must save money and someday buy myself the Xena-seasons-on-tape/DVD someday. Whoot. (*giggles* I should be ashamed of my Xena-obsession. Only... Xena is cool, dammit!)
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Current Music:Natalie Merchant
Subject:A dose of randomness with which to distract everyone...
Time:08:28 am
Current Mood:crazycrazy
Dear George Dubyah: according to www.jobpredictor.com, your ideal job is a spinster with cats.

Is it any wonder we're having so many problems with you in the presidency??

Shrandie - depending on whether or not you get your middle name, you are supposed to be a prostitute or a jungle explorer. (Gee, tough choices!) If you just go by your first name, you get to be a rabbit slayer! Oh, and as "Shrandie", it says "Anything except what you're doing now" - but we already knew that, eh? Quit! Quit! You hear the siren call of freedom, you know you do...

Mannya - you get to either be a rally car driver, a movie star, or a second-hand car salesman. Unless you use "Mannya", in which case you are a gigolo.

Elske - you get to be a panto dame (I find this terribly ironic), the rear end of a panto cow, or a dietician. As "Elske", however, you get to be a Goal Scoring Superstar Hero! Whoot! *Giggles*

Musey - I can't do all of yours, as I don't know your full name. From what I do know, you get to be either a big game hunter or a sewage worker (joy and thrills, I know!).

DMlet - you get to be a permanent temp, a jungle explorer (you and Shrandie can explore jungles together, apparently), or, as DMlet, an evil boss (yay!). (You get to be a permanent temp, incidentally, whether you put in your full name or just your first name.)

Dayus - you get to be a mad scientist, hypnotist, or unemployed. By "Dayus" you are supposed to be a stripper. :-P If you don't like that, "Day" will get you a position as a street sweeper.

Ribbons - you get to be a movie star or a human shield; as "Ribbons" you should be doing "anything except what you're doing now" - like Shrandie! And as "Cracker" it says, "...who are you kidding, you work?"

My brother gets to be a superhero, an astrologer, or a professional tramp.
My sisters get to be all kinds of interesting things... Beth gets to be an office gopher, hypnotist, the rear end of a panto cow (no one ever seems to get to be the front end, which is terribly sad for all these panto cows running about), or a supermodel. Kelyn, lucky child, gets to be a computer nerd, unemployed, (and?)or the village idiot (but wait, it gets better) - Molly gets to be a porn star(!), a stunt person, or an air stewardess. (We didn't tell her about the porn star bit. :-P She's only eight, after all.)

My dad is supposed to be a dog walker, superhero, or monkey impressionist.
My mother is supposed to be a clown, an animal therapist, sandwich board advertising, or a rally car driver (she and Mannya, apparently).

Oh, and me? I get to be a monkey impressionist, alien investigator, or a pole dancer (yay!)... by various nicknames, I can also be a street sweeper, a nun, a speaking clock, or a topless model. :-P

So what this all means is that we should kick Dubya out of office into an apartment so he can properly be a spinster with cats; meanwhile, Shrandie and DMlet will explore jungles together, and will take Beth and Dayus with them for purposes of hypnotising unfriendly jungle-creatures, like snakes. I will work my way through college pole-dancing topless by night and doing monkey-impressions with my father by day in the circus with my mother, the clown, and my little sisters, the village idiot and the stunt person, while sharing an apartment with Elske the Goal-Scoring Superstar Hero(ine). When all this has burned me out and warped me for life, I will go mad and become a speaking clock, which is when my brother the astrologist will don his superhero persona and rescue me from a life on the streets and commit me to a convent instead, where I will become a nun until I regain my sanity, break out, and become a street sweeper, where I will hook up with Musey the sewage worker and live happily ever after. But when I leave the circus, my mother will become an animal therapist for all the abandoned monkeys while my dad walks the circus-dogs, and my sister will be unemployed and have nothing to do (and thus be unemployed) until she discovers the wonders of computers and becomes a computer nerd. Meanwhile, Molly will be kept on the straight and narrow by her Sister the Nun, (yes, pun intended!) and will not become a porn star; she will instead become an air stewardess and will be the one to serve drinks to Beth, Shrandie, DMlet, and Dayus when they return from their jungle-explorations and go on to new careers - Beth, who will have gotten tanned and toned from all that crawling around in the jungle, will become a supermodel in high demand for showing off khakis and explorer-gear; DMlet, having been away from civilisation for so long, will have developed a power-complex which will lead her to do away with the executive ladder entirely and move straight to being everyone's boss - and an evil one, at that; Shrandie, having quit her job long ago to become a jungle explorer, of course, will now be at loose ends and resort briefly to prostitution, until her drive for adventure sends her in search of thrills again and she becomes a professional rabbit slayer; Dayus, who will stay with Shrandie and work as a stripper while Shrandie is a prostitute, will then go on to take all the things she learned in their jungle-explorations and try to solve the mysteries of the world with them, thus earning herself a place in history as a mad scientist.
When Shrandie becomes a rabbit slayer, she will steal Musey from me to become a big game hunter and adventure with her; because my brother the superhero-astrologer has disappeared to be a professional tramp and cannot save me from my distress, I shall have no resort but to become an alien investigator and watch movies starring Mannya and Ribbons, while Elske occupies her time being a panto dame while she searches for someone to be the front to her rear end of a panto cow.

And they all lived... insanely... ever after.
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Current Music:Cranberries
Time:02:10 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Rawr. Another week of cabinbuilding gone by... three walls and the first rafter, and half a loft isn't bad, is it? Squee. And no serious injuries, this time. (Hey, my uncle wasn't there to drop the walls on us.)

Now three days of rest. Then back at it...

In other news, I have made myself a new icon. I adore it. It amuses me endlessly. I have also decided to teach my little sister to RP, which ought to be interesting.

Hopefully Elske and I will have our own RP up soon and running. I want to start playing!
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Current Music:Wicked (squee)
Time:09:34 am
Current Mood:busybusy
Just so everyone knows, my new computer doesn't get on with LJ and refuses to let me stay logged on, so if I don't post as often as I might otherwise, that's probably why. That and the fact that the only days I'll be around are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

Ye gods, what a schedule.
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Current Music:the "New Age" tv-radio-channel-thingy
Subject:Happy birthday to...
Time:12:29 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
elskegaderian! *Snuggles* Happy birthday, darlingest!

Yay for birthdays.

Maman wants me to sing at a baptism Daddy's doing this Sunday... apparently it's the same song that was sung at both my baptism and Garrett's (we were baptised in the very beginning, so what went wrong??). We shall see. I'm looking at the two nearest universities to see if I could commute and do some AP classes. I'm also trying to figure out if I could fit dance lessons(!) in there somewhere, if I'm (finally!) not doing real highschool schtuff. Huzzah.
On Sunday afternoon, we are going out to the property. We shall return Wednesday. On Friday (as in, tomorrow) we might go to Great Falls for shopping... which would be good, because if we're going to the property, I'd like to have some decent shoes that are neither sandals nor my red European tennis (which are far too awesome to ruin running around in the semi-wilderness being crazy). I also need new sunglasses, as the ones I have are very Messed Up.

I need to go accomplish something. I did birthday-call Elske this morning; go me. And I have showered and dressed and gone to the post office and the school with Maman, and now I am here. Online. In an hour-and-a-half I am supposed to return online to talk to Elske, so I should go call DMlet now (belated birthday-call, as I couldn't manage to do one yesterday) and, you know, get something done between now and then. Yes.
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Current Music:Sarah McLachlan mix
Time:11:14 pm
Current Mood:gigglygiggly
elskegaderian and I argue about what happens when everyone runs away with Enjolras...Collapse )
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[icon] and if you should fall, remember you almost had it all...
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